Normanton Lodge Farm Today

Normanton Lodge Farm is situated in the beautiful county of Rutland, the smallest county in England, near to the South shore of Rutland Water.

Approaching Normanton Lodge Farm from the North

The farm specialises in high-grade seed production of the following crops, for major plant breeders and agricultural merchants:







Oilseed Rape

Approaching Normanton Lodge Farm from the South

In addition to seed production, the farm grows sugar beet, produces prime British Lamb and rents country cottages.

Young lambs enjoying the sunshine

History of Normanton Lodge Farm

Mr Irvine Renner began farming with his father-in-law at Normanton in 1947 and took over farming the 850 acres of Normanton Lodge Farm in 1961. The farm was developed into a balanced, compact mixed farm with arable and livestock, run as a family partnership between Mr. Renner and his sons.

The following photo shows William George Wakefield, the first family farmer at Normanton Lodge with his daughter Mary and her husband Irvine Watt Renner. Irvine came to England during World War II, when this photo was taken.

Irvine Renner with his future wife and father-in-law

Irvine handed the farm over to his son Christopher George Renner in 1985, who has been farming since then with his wife Ruth and later with his son George and his wife Sally.

Nothin' changes much round these parts

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